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Systems Archetype Basics: From Story to Structure, Revised Edition

Systems Archetype Basics: From Story to Structure, Revised Edition

Author(s): Daniel H. Kim and Virginia Anderson
ISBN13: 9781883823047
ISBN10: 1883823048
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Publisher: Pegasus Communications
Year Publish: 1998 March

Does your organization focus too much on the short term? Do you often use quick fixes? Do you find yourself saying, "We've been in this mess before"? Systems Archetype Basics, the second volume in The Pegasus Workbook Series, introduces you to eight systems archetypes—recurring systemic "stories" that crop up in all organizations. Like Systems Thinking Basics, this new resource offers detailed explanations, examples, and practice activities to help you recognize the archetypes and intervene. Use Systems Archetype Basics to address the most pressing challenges of organizational life today.

About the Author:

Daniel Kim is a co-founder of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning (now the Society for Organizational Learning) and an internationally recognized leader in helping managers apply the power of organizational learning and systems thinking to complex corporate issues.