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Conferencig and Reporting (Knowing What Counts)

Conferencig and Reporting (Knowing What Counts)

Author(s): Kathleen Georory, Caren Cameron, Anne Davies
ISBN13: 9780968216033
ISBN10: 096821603X
Format: Paperback
Pages: 74
Publisher: Connections Publishing
Year Publish: 2001 January

Conferencig and Reporting focuses on practical ways for teachers to involve students in their own assessment. The authors provide different scenarios that outline how students can demonstrate their learning to others and take active roles in conferences with parents.

This book includes:

  1. Practical ideas
  2. Cross-curricular examples
  3. A variety of ways to involve students in their own assessment
  4. Responses to commonly asked questions
  5. Backline masters

For Use in Middle and Secondary School Classroom teachers who want to involve their students n assessment and evaluation.

About the Authors:

Kathleen Georory, M.Ed. has taught for 25 years in junior and secondary schools in British Columbia. A former teacher-in-residence at the University of Victoria. She has assisted many school districts in the areas of conferencing, reporting writing, and authentic assessment strategies.

Caren Cameron, M.Ed. is District Principal of Education Programs for the Sooke School District in British Columbia. Sha has presented workshops focusing on the involvement of students in their own learning and assessment.

Anne Davies, Ph.D. is an experienced educator and author. A recipient of the Hilroy Fellowship for Innovative Teaching, she has taught both elementary and university-level students, and has worked as an administrator and district consultant.