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A Mind for Mathematics: Meaningful Teaching and Learning in Elementary Classrooms, Nov/2016

A Mind for Mathematics: Meaningful Teaching and Learning in Elementary Classrooms, Nov/2016

Author(s): Nanci N. Smith
ISBN13: 9781943874002
ISBN10: 194387400X
Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
Publisher: Solution Tree
Year Publish: 2016 November

What does it take to be a good mathematics teacher who actively engages students and addresses learning differences? This easy-to-read text breaks down the complex components of mathematics teaching and divides them into practical strategies. Combining research, useful tactics, and examples from K–6 classrooms, the book includes reflection questions, action tasks, and activities to inspire and engage mathematical minds.


  1. Examine the aspects of instruction, assessment, and learning that must be cultivated in order to develop mathematical minds.
  2. Gain a mental picture of the essential elements of an effective mathematics classroom.
  3. Observe specific classroom examples and vignettes that illustrate the concepts covered in each chapter.
  4. Answer reflection questions to help relate the strategies in the book to those in the classroom.
  5. Perform call-to-action tasks that will help you take the next essential steps in teaching mathematics.
  6. Get advice on balancing teaching responsibilities and making sound plans for teaching mathematics.

About The Author:

Nanci N. Smith, PhD, has 14 years of experience as a consultant. She specializes in mathematics, curriculum and assessment development and implementation, Common Core State Standards, and differentiated instruction, and has worked with schools and districts in 45 states and 9 countries.

Dr. Smith has presented at conferences around the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to providing professional development, she has conducted mathematics program and curriculum audits for numerous districts across the United States.

A former high school and university-level mathematics teacher, she has also taught differentiated instruction as a master’s course at Arizona State and Northern Arizona universities and for teachers at the Singapore American International School through Buffalo State University. Dr. Smith is nationally board certified in adolescent and young adult mathematics. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and secretary of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

Dr. Smith received a BS in mathematics education from Grand Canyon University, an MAEd in curriculum and instruction from University of Phoenix, and a PhD in mathematics education from Arizona State University.