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Teaching in Pursuit of Wow! Two Decades of Musings on Maximizing Learning Potential

Teaching in Pursuit of Wow! Two Decades of Musings on Maximizing Learning Potential

Author(s): Tim Murphey
ISBN13: 9781896942346
ISBN10: 1896942342
Format: Paperback
Pages: 98
Publisher: Abax ELT Publishers
Year Publish: 2012 April

Focusing on the essentials - The magic of learning, the magic of teaching

Teacher's resources can often be quite mechanistic—descriptions of a field or of classroom processes and the like. All very useful. But sometimes it's good to draw back and consider the big picture and ask the big questions. In the essays in Teaching in Pursuit of Wow!, Tim Murphey does this again and again. In terms of interaction, in terms of identity, how do we get students and teachers to plug in to the wow! of learning? If your reaction is at all like mine, you'll get a change from reading through these explorations and will perhaps even approach the learning process with altered eyes --- Hugh Graham-Marr, Editor


“Written with homour, passion, wisdom and humility” –-Ema Ushioda, Centre of Applied Linguistic, University of Warwick

“A fascinating collection… Teachers and teacher trainers will love it”Maneula Cohen, L'Academie, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

"readers will feel inspired"---Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Universidade Federal de Vicosa, Brazil

"lots of insightful ideas - very nicely different!" ---Zoltan Dornyei, Nottingham University

About The Author:

Tim Murphey did his BA in French and German in Fribourg, Switzerland (supervised by Rosary College). His MA (University of Florida) and his Ph.D. in Neuchatel, Switzerland were both in applied linguistics. His Ph.D. thesis was on the use of song and music in language learning. He has taught in Asia since 1990 at four different universities, seven different graduate schools and travels widely giving presentations for governmental and private institutions. He has published books and materials with a dozen publishers and done 10 freely downloadable presentations at the National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawaii. He is the series editor of TESOL's four volume Professional Development in Language Education series and is co-author with Zoltan Dornyei of Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom (Cambridge University Press, 2003)


A NOTE ON PROCEEDS FROM SALE OF THIS WORK: The author has asked that any royalties earned from the sale of Teaching in Pursuit of Wow! be directed towards disaster relief efforts in the Tohoku region of Japan to help with aftereffects of the tsunami of March 11, 2011. The publisher in turn has agreed to donate all net proceeds from the sale of this work to this effort. The author's charities of choice are Second Harvest Japan and Care International.