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Stories For Moral Education (Teens)

Stories For Moral Education (Teens)

Author(s): Roger Jenkins
ISBN13: 9789810713355
ISBN10: 9810713355
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publisher: Roger Jenkins Pte Ltd
Year Publish: 2012


With values and character development assuming greater significance in the daily life of the school, teachers face the problem of how to present abstract values in a form that pupils can readily embrace.

Storytelling is a highly effective strategy to engage hearts and minds empathetically.

This book provides you with:

  1. A treasury of powerful stories, suited to poplies aged 7 - 12
  2. Specific suggestions to help you make the most of each story
  3. A CD-ROM with supporting visual materials to help you share stories more effectively, plus videos of Roger telling stories
  4. Ideas for integrating the stories into your lessons.

The stories deal with:

  1. Being a Good Neighbour
  2. Courage / Family / Friendship
  3. Doing the Rights Thing
  4. Everyone's Special
  5. Generosity / Gratitude
  6. Good Study Habits
  7. Harmony / Honesty / Kindness
  8. Perseverance
  9. Positive Thinking
  10. Respect / Sharing / Teamwork

The book comes with a CD-ROM containing supporting visual materials (such as PowerPoints and PDFs) to enhance the telling of some stories, as well as videos of me telling stories too.

About The Author:

Roger Jenkins, winner Best Storyteller Award 16th Kanoon International Storytelling Festival, Iran 2013,is one of Singapore's most popular storytellers. His warm, spontaneous style draws on his exoerience as a drama teacher, theatre director, poet (he won the 1995 Singapore Literature Prize) and from performing imporov comedy.

He has conducted many professional development workshops for the Ministry of Education, kindergartens, schools & Junior Colleges, and told at festival in Singapore, Chennai, KL, Hong Kong, Manila & Penang.