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Fun with Composer’s Teacher Guides: A Simple, Fun Approach to Classical Music, Volume 2 (Pre K – Gr. 3)

Fun with Composer’s Teacher Guides: A Simple, Fun Approach to Classical Music, Volume 2 (Pre K – Gr. 3)

Author(s): Deborah Lyn Ziolkoski
ISBN13: 9780978036041
ISBN10: 0978036042
Format: Paperback with CD/DVD
Pages: 96
Publisher: Fun With Composers
Year Publish: 2009 December

For every teacher – includes everything you need to bring out the musical maestro in any student!

Fun with Composers captivates children’s imaginations through our interactive approach to classical music. Hatching Chicks, Crazy Bananas gical Chefs, and Giggling Trolls are discovered in the music of Beethoven and Mussorgsky, and other greats! Our Orff-based approach makes orchestral works spring to life as children sing, dance, act, and move to the music

Our flexible guides are easy to integrate into a curriculum, providing teachers with a wide range of themes, music, and composers to choose from. Teachers have always been fascinated by how easy it is to adapt our lessons to any grade level. Music and concepts have been creatively woven into the lessons to keep the emphasis on imaginative fun!

Fun with Composers is truly teacher friendly! Reproducible composer images, biographies, music maps, and activity pages are designed to enrich the child’s experience.

Nine exciting classical selections are introduced, providing teachers with over 27 detailed lesson plans – well over a year’s worth of classical music materials! Our guides provide teachers with a classical music supplement that enriches any program.

Guide includes:

- Guide Table of Contents
- Foreword
- Let’s Warm Up
- Composer Biographies & Activity Sheets

* A CD with fun-filled lyrics as well as an authentic orchestral recording of each selection.

* A DVD which features key teaching strategies and the final performance of each selection.

* Musical Selection from various composers…

  1. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks…Mussorgsky (Charli and the Chicks Get Cracking!)
  2. Kangaroo…Saint-Saens (Joey Gets Lost)
  3. William Tell Overture…Rossini (The Great Race!)
  4. March of the Toreadors…Bizet (Peter Parker’s Marching Band)
  5. Symphony No. 9…Beethoven (Ode to Joy!)
  6. Turkish March…Beethoven (The Magic Stone)
  7. Symphony No. 5…. Beethoven (Allowishes and the Royal Bananas!)
  8. Russian Dance – Trepak…Tchaikovsky (Join the Russian Dance Troupe!)
  9. Hall of the Mountain King…Grieg (Peer Gynt and the Mountain Trolls)


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