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Autism Paper 9: Establishing Peer Support for Children with Autism, March/2011

Autism Paper 9: Establishing Peer Support for Children with Autism, March/2011

Author(s): Mohamad Shaifudin Bin Md Yusof
ISBN13: 9789810866297
ISBN10: 9810866291
Format: Paperback
Pages: 40
Publisher: Cobee Publishing House
Year Publish: 2011 March

AUTISM: Practical Tips on Teaching Children with Mild/Moderate Autism in Mainstream Schools

This is a series of ten papers written by three experienced special education professionals who have worked directly with individuals with autistic learning and behavioural difficulties. Presented in an easy readable style, the authors have provided essential know what, know why and know how when teaching children with mild/moderate autism in mainstream schools.

Beginning with defining autism, identifying and profiling autistic learning and behavioural difficulties through planning lessons, conducting learning/behavioural support activities, counselling, intervening through video games/drawings/peer support, parental involvement to teaching mathematical concepts, operations and applications, the authors hope to share with their readers the practical tips on how they can go about teaching these exceptional children.

Paper 10: Establishing Peer Support for Children with Autism


About The Author:
Mohamad Shaifudin Bin Md Yusof is an Allied Educator (Learning & Behaviour Support) working with autistic children in a mainstream primary school for several years. Prior to joining the profession, Mr Shaifudin taught at a special school. He believes strongly in integrating learners with diverse abilities/disabilities in mainstream schools. He also works closely with parents of exceptional children to strengthen the home–school partnership and to ensure continuous learning for children with special needs.

Mr Shaifudin, whose formal training is in biomedical science, has always been keen to learn and explore biological and neurological causes that impede learning process in children.

Currently an M.Ed (Special Education) candidate at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, he is researching on the effects of dolphin-assisted therapy on children with moderate autism. Mr Shaifudin is an alumnus of Central Queensland University and James Cook University in the field of Biomedical Science and Education, respectively.