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Enriched Learning Projects: A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills, Feb/2010

Enriched Learning Projects: A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills, Feb/2010

Author(s): James A. Bellanca
ISBN13: 9781934009741
ISBN10: 1934009741
Format: Paperback
Pages: 248
Publisher: Solution Tree
Year Publish: 2010 February

Translate standards-based content in one subject area or across several into enriched learning projects that build 21st century skills. A valuable tool for teachers, this book draws from the 21st Century Enriched Learning School model designed to meet standards and develop skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and global and cross-cultural awareness.

Explore 21st century skills in the context of project learning. Discover e-tools that can enhance projects. Learn research-based, high-yield instructional strategies that are engaging for all students, especially those who do not respond to repetitive drills and worksheets.

Improve your project planning with a method that emphasizes outcomes over means. A model rubric walks you through this five-step “backwards planning” process. Sample projects and a template offer additional guidance in translating traditional content into enriched learning experiences.

About The Author:
James A. Bellanca is nationally recognized as a practical innovator who thinks ahead of the curve and provides teachers and administrators with the “how-to” knowledge to make abstract ideas concrete and ready to go on the next school day. With his extensive experience as a classroom English and language arts teacher, alternative school director, professional developer, intermediate service center director, business owner, and not-for-profit executive, he has developed expertise for transforming new trends and new mandates, such as the Common Core State Standards, into practical classroom tools that enrich instruction and engage students.

A leading voice in 21st century skills, Jim edits and is lead poster for the Partnership for 21st Century Schools (P21) blog Connecting the 21st Century Dots: From Policy to Practice. He is executive director of the Illinois Consortium for 21st Century Schools and lead trainer for Mind Quest: Project-Based Learning in the 21st Century Classroom. In addition, Jim is lead trainer of instructors for the New York State United Teachers Education Learning Trust program, The 21st Century Classroom. In the past year, he has designed three online graduate education courses and the innovative online workshop Projects from a Box.

Jim has worked with educational leaders in Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, New York, Illinois, West Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Israel. He has also worked with school districts to design, implement, and assess programs that promote 21st century skills to increase academic performance among all children, including high-risk student populations. Jim has written many books, including several bestsellers and numerous professional articles.