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Problem-Based Learning for the 21st Century Classroom 2 DVD Series, Dec/2010

Problem-Based Learning for the 21st Century Classroom 2 DVD Series, Dec/2010

Author(s): Two 45-minute DVDs, each with a professional development program.
ISBN13: 9781416610762
ISBN10: 1416610766
Format: DVD
Pages: 0
Publisher: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Year Publish: 2010 December
Problem-based learning is a great way to make learning more active, hands on, and engaging for all students—while you still aim toward the objectives of a standards-based curriculum with 21st century learning goals. Here’s the ultimate tool for giving teachers the professional development experience they need to understand the benefits of problem-based learning and to see and hear how to incorporate these strategies into their classroom practice. Both DVDs take you to classrooms to show how using complex, intriguing problems in standards-based lessons and units will motivate students to learn new skills and help close achievement gaps. Scenes show teachers planning problems, tying them to learning goals, and getting students engaged. And teacher interviews explain the essentials of implementing a problem-based learning lesson or unit, including

  • Key Questions that relate to the standard you want to meet and identify the cross-curricular opportunities to address that standard.
  • Checklists that identify what students need to deliver in order to meet your criteria or your standards.
  • Rubrics to define what would be the acceptable, proficient, and distinguished levels of completion.

  • Handouts and a PowerPoint presentation are embedded in each of the DVDs so you can create a workshop or presentation for your professional learning community.